Cypher Update #1: A Free Bitcoin only selfhosted Wordpress & Shopify alternative.

Let me start of with saying that most responses have been wonderful and clearly indicate a need for this build in some form.
As a way to continue followup we’ve added a small news section to the landing page, we’ll write a monthly update posted there and posted here on SN.
The goal is to summarise current development updates and condense feedback gathered during the month.

Analysing the current POW to next steps

Next steps
  • Started on the Admin section design and functionality tests
  • Swapout Yieldmonitor API with own options.
  • Updating the payment widget & Paywall bug fixes
  • Nostr Layer
  • Landingpage design & final structure
  • Redesign of a more sleek cart flow
  • Build & Deploy Cli options
Thanks for a healthy review of our POW, see you next month for a new update.
Stay Humble & keep sovereign webstacking !