Cypher Update #2

Hey Folks !
Only doing these updates once a month is a bit slow but still fine for now.

So what’s New ?

Most development time has been spread over setting up and upgrading a bunch of things at once:Probably some more things

What’s on this month’s chopping block ?

  • Final design integrations
  • Setup / Experiment with Nostr Nests
  • On boarding UI: Normie 2 Pleb This is the most “exciting” part and last big thing on the UI menu and the first thing the user sees after installing.
The idea is that in the UX we’ll know Nostr & Bitcoin have won when the user doesn’t even notice that the things they use are riding on top of it. However currently not promoting the under lying technology is a mistake since we’re still in the early adoption stage. The second big important part is that we’ll push it all the way to the front in the setup process, short pain at the setup.
  • Rip out the yield monitor ( 🗑️🔥 )
  • Finishing the Admin UI
  • Initial Nostr integrations
  • Carts Still no bug fixes or extra integrations in the simple lightning widget. However a simple cart swap should be relatively easy to setup and will start testing this with ( NWC & Bitcoinconnect )

Dev Notes :

Building out in the open can be (is) hella messy but fun, would recommend 🤡
Allowing a dev scope to sit in a UI stage allows for more eyeballs on the project that can form a community scope, it’s super to gain some of this feedback before all the nuts and and bolts come on.
Another reminder is parallel building is a good way to grow and only relies on aligned incentives example would be Nuxstr
General API's are toxic rule: A little bit of it makes you sick, but to much will kill you.